Feb 21, 2010

Katmer Pogaça (puff buns with cheese)

puff buns with cheese.jpg

I made those beautiful croissant-like buns with mozzarella, chocolate and strawberries. They are always good and tasty.

Recipe from La mercante di spezie 

For the dough
500 grams flour
200 ml milk
100 ml vegetable oil
5 g dried yeast
1 egg white
2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar

80 g butter
300 g of fresh cheese (goat cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese)

1 yolk and milk to brush

- Dissolve yeast in warm milk with sugar, pour into bowl with sifted flour and begin kneading the dough. Add oil, egg white and salt, knead, cover bowl with foil and leave in a warm place until dough doubles.

- Divide dough  into 8 equal parts, roll balls, cover and leave for 15 minutes

- Roll out each ball into flat circles about the same size, put them on each other greasing with softened butter well. Use a good quantity of butter, it will puff the buns.

- Turn a stack of circles upside down and begin to roll, you should get a big circle with a diameter of 50-70 cm

- Cut it into 16 parts, as croissants

- Put a  spoonful of cheese or cottage cheese on a wide part of each triangle, fold the edges inward and roll into rolls like croissant

- Lay them on a tray covered with baking paper, grease with the egg yolk stirred with milk.  Leave for 1-1,5 hours

- Bake in preheated oven (180-200C) for 25-30 minutes until well browned.

puff buns with cheese.jpg

puff buns with cheese.jpg



  1. great pictures for a great recipe! lamercantedispezie is one of my favourite blog!
    I like your style and i think i will often visit your blog!
    Shade -from Italy

  2. Hi Olga, I'm very happy to know that at so long distance you done the recept.
    Compliments for the pictures and for your blog too
    I will follow you in the future!
    Bye Lory

  3. Love at first sight, those buns (i've seen on Lory's blog too) are absolutely gorgeous!
    I have to bake them as soon as possibile..
    Very nice shoot too.

  4. when i saw the name, i thought it's turkish, we have the words 'katmer' and 'pogaca' as exactly as the same meaning.
    anyway, they look delicious:) i wanna have a couple with my tea right now.

  5. Oh my, these look so cute and delicious! Gorgeous pictures too!


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