Mar 13, 2010

Whole fig jam

whole fig jam

Absolutely delicious jam, especially with good cheese and glass of wine!  

500 g ripe figs (without damage on the surface)
500 g fine sugar
100 ml Armagnac (brandy, rum)
50 ml lemon juice (1 / 3 tsp. Citric acid)

Wash and dry figs on a paper towels.
Make a needle punctures on the surface (about 1 cm distance between the punctures).

Put figs into a bowl (preferably in one layer) and cover with sugar.
Cover and leave for 3 days. Do not stir!

Put figs on the heat, add the brandy and lemon juice.
When the jam starts to boil, immediately reduce heat to a minimum, and cook for 40 minutes (jam must boil, but foam wouldn't formed on the surface).

Remove jam from heat, cover with a towel and leave until the next day. DO NOT STIR!

On the next day bring jam to boil and cook for another 30 minutes on a minimum heat. Cool and pour into clean jars.


Thanks Carina for this amazing recipe!


  1. do you refrigerate them as they sit either the first or second time?

  2. My grandmother used to make fig jam from the fruit on her trees, but it was never whole. This looks wonderful! It's fig season here too-bookmarking this...

  3. I do not refrigerate them. They are sitting in room temperature.

  4. always looking for fig recipes!
    just curious, is it supposed to be 500 figs? or 50?

  5. Ooops! Sorry, it's 500 gr figs :)

  6. ok, that sounds good! :) Thanks!

  7. just beautiful....I have to mark this recipe and try it. :)

  8. do you think this would work if you cut the figs in half? Or would they mush up maybe?

  9. Wil try this recipe this weekend, sounds yummy!
    Do the figs lose their form at all? What type of figs did you use to get that red colour or was the rum/brandy responsible for it? I only have green figs in my garden....


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