Jan 25, 2010

Sandwich with Barbecued Lamb, Watermelon and Tzatziki

After yesterday’s barbecue, we still had most of a barbecued leg of lamb left over. And I decided to slice it up and put it into white bun with some salad, cucumber and watermelon and toped the filling with some tzatziki. And it was a very good decision. I think you can use any lamb - grilled, fried or baked.

For 1 sandwich:
50 g. Lamb (grilled, barbecued, baked)
1 white bun or 2 slices of sandwiches bread,
few arugula or spinach leaves,
about 30 gr. of watermelon pulp,
couple rings of red onion,
4 cm piece of cucumber,
2 tbsp Tzatziki (or you can mix 2 tbsp natural yogurt with 1 small garlic clove)

Put the arugula leaves, sliced lamb, cucumber, onion and watermelon on the half of the bun and top with Tzatziki. Cover with bun top and serve immediately.


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